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digital art
I will post some experiments with Paint Shop Pro in this area

For this photo I have "merged" two separate images that I took.  The crow was taken when I visited the "Boiler Bay" viewpoint at the coast. (click link to see other photos).  The Moon picture was taken the night before using a mega telephoto lens.  The background of the crow was deleted (turned to black) and the Moon was simply copied and pasted into the crow image.  The full size image (1024x768) is my current desktop background.


My Jay Turser JT-140

Headstock Globe

Updated 08/28/04 : The following images were created using effects in PaintShop Pro 7
on  "Brainwashed" inspired tiles (follow link and guess which image was original)
Planet X

Groovy Globe

Mosaic Snakeskin

Another Globe effect....

Golden Eclipse (same as first image with added effect)