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Eric Clapton
July 28, 2004 - Portland, Oregon
Rose Garden Arena

My sister and I were fortunate enough to be in attendance at the Eric Clapton concert.  

Opening the show was a very good group called Robert Randolf and the Family Band, led by a driving pedal steel guitar, with the back beat rhythm provided by a six string bassist and  heavy hitting drummer, along with a very good organ player.  The highlight of their set was the final song when the group changed places throughout the song, something I had never seen before!  First the lead singer/guitar player went switched with the drummer, then they all took turns playing each of the instruments.

After the break, Eric and his band (including special guest Billy Preston on organ) took the stage and a blistering set began.  I was amazed and floored by Eric's guitar playing.  As you can see by my listing of Live Concert CD's, I have quite a few Clapton concert recordings.  NOTHING compares to the LIVE experience!  I recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to experience his playing in person.  

I feel very fortunate to have seen both Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney in concert!

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