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George Harrison
 November 19, 2002, Brainwashed, the last studio recording by George Harrison was released.  I took a long lunch from work and went to Best Buy to get the CD.  They had a special limited edition box version of the release, complete with a short (but very nice) DVD on the making of the album, a Dark Horse sticker, Poster, and an "official" George Harrison guitar pick.  I was very happy to be able to obtain this release.

George has always been a spiritual person, and it is always evident in the music he creates.  Brainwashed has many references to God, and you have to think that a man facing his own mortality had to have been thinking a lot about "what's next."  George creates his own special inspirational music, with out being preachy.  

This album is very listenable, meaning I was able to listen to it from 1st song to Last without wanting to skip a track.  I think I will continue to enjoy it.  The music is all George, the slide guitar is ever present.  He also plays the Uke on several tracks, which is a special treat.  One very special moment during the Paul McCartney concert in Portland was his tribute to George, where he played a Uke that George had given him.  During that performance I got kind of teary, thinking that George was gone.  This music will be a lasting testament to George's beliefs, as well as his very special and often under rated musical talent.  

If you liked Cloud 9, you should enjoy this CD very much.  I whole heartedly recommend this to any George Harrison fan.

As I listened to the CD this evening on my computer using Windows Media Player v9, I set up the Visualizations (Randomization setting), and began to capture the images for background tiles.  It was like "seeing" the music, and since the music inspired the tiles, I called them "Brainwashed#" accordingly.  Here are the tiles:


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