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A quick note to recruiters who have found this page through internet web search containing the words: "Cadence Allegro PCB Designer."  I am NOT pursuing employment in this field.  I do NOT have enough TRAINING or experience to fulfill the requirements of most employers in this industry.  If you are in need of an entry level PCB designer without an E.E. degree, then by all means contact me.  In my experience in job searching though, employers are looking for more experience and persons with a minimum of a Bachelors degree.  This resume is now posted for more of a historical reference of "where I came from," as I am not actively seeking employment at this time.  NOR am I seeking to get involved in any internet marketing or other types of "schemes" any of you want to try and rope me into.

Thank you.

 Scott L. Praegitzer
s  e-mail:

Windows OS (98, NT, 2000)
MS Access (basic)
MS Word (advanced)
MS PowerPoint (advanced)
MS Excel (intermediate)
MS Visio (basic)
MS Outlook (advanced)
MS Publisher (basic)
Adobe Photo Shop Pro (intermediate)
Jasc Paint Shop Pro (intermediate)
Digital Photography
Video Production & Post-Production
Previously employed through Personnel Source of Salem Oregon at Neilsen Manufacturing Inc., a precision sheet metal fabrication and integration manufacturer as a Technical Writer.  Job responsibilities include taking digital photos, photo editing, process flow and work instruction development.  Extensive background in high tech industries in Quality System development for ISO 9001 certification, training development (video production) and desktop publishing.

A detailed work history is shown below.

Learned and applied the ISO 9001 standard to the PCB Design Service Bureau to prepare for ISO 9001 certification.
Result: The Company passed ISO 9001 audit and the company was certified.

Was recruited to develop videos to support computer-based training.
Result: Videos were used for over 3 years to expedite the training process for the company.

Certificate of Completion, Integrated Computer Applications, Business Computer Training Institute, Salem, OR
May, 2002

A.A.S., Video Technologies, Video Technical Institute, Dallas, TX
Graduated 1987
Perfect Attendance / 3.5 GPA


May 2004 - Present: Not Employed / Semi-Retired / Self-Employed

During this time I have taken a personal sabbatical to pursue educational and other interests.

August 2002 - May 2004
Neilsen Manufacturing, Inc. Salem, OR      August, 2002-May 2004 (Through Personnel Source)
Technical Writer
Applied technical skills to perform Digital Photography functions
Applied interviewing skills to gain understanding of processes
Applied technical skills to develop process flow and instructions
Applied technical skills to perform image corrections using Adobe Photo Shop Pro and Jasc Paint Shop Pro
Applied organization skills to maintain multiple projects
Applied technical abilities to create work instructions for detailed processes
Applied technical skills to access and enter data into Access database of company documentation

Tyco Printed Circuit Group/ E2E Corporation/ Plexus Technology Group, Nashua, NH      1999-2001
PCB Design CAD Librarian  
Created CAD footprints for PCB design using Cadence Allegro Designer 13.6 NT.
Applied analytical skills to determine if supplied spec sheet is appropriate
Applied problem-solving skills to acquire appropriate spec sheet if not supplied by customer
Applied organization skills to plan and complete work to meet deadlines
Applied technical abilities to create, check, verify and validate CAD footprints

Praegitzer Design, Incorporated, Hillsboro, OR      1997-1999
Regional Quality Assurance Administrator  
Assisted in documenting and implementing the company four-tier Quality System in preparation for ISO 9001 Certification.
Assisted in creating budget and schedule for development of quality system
Worked in team environment to develop policies and procedures
Applied evaluation skills to determine training needs
Applied technical knowledge of PCB Design to ISO 9001 standard to:
Create company specific documentation, forms and audit tools
Developed and presented training prior to quality system implementation
Performed quality audits in multi-branch environment to assess readiness
Performed continuing audits to ensure branches maintained quality

Praegitzer Design, Incorporated, Redmond, WA     1996-1997
PCB Design Trainee
         Applied existing computer skills to learn Computer Aided Design software (Cadence Allegro)
         Utilized communication skills to assist office in learning design verification software (Valor)

Praegitzer Industries, Incorporated, Dallas, OR     1982-1996
CAM/Photo Department
         Applied computer skills to perform data verification on incoming PCB designs
         Applied reviewing and assessment skills to evaluate verification results
         Applied communications skills to report findings to appropriate personnel
         Applied inspection and attention to detail skills to ensure photo films were defect-free
         Applied skills in operating machinery to run and maintain laser film plotter

Communications Department  
Applied skills in video production to create Computer Based Training modules and other video productions.  
Applied desktop publishing skills to create company newsletter and other in-house publications.
Applied visualization skills to develop storyboards and scripts for video programs
           Applied planning skills to organize video production and post production
Applied creative skills and technical abilities to develop computer animations for videos
Applied proofreading skills and attention to detail to develop company newsletter

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