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My Background Tiles
Another little hobby I have is creating background tiles.  Previously, I had created a bunch of geometric shapes using MS Paint.  Now I have discovered something new!  I use Windows Media Player as my computer digital music player.  It is a very cool program, and it has this feature called "visualizations," which is basically different shapes that randomly generate as the music is playing.  What I have discovered is that I can do a "print screen" while the visualizations are going, paste that whole image into MS Paint, and then I cut and paste only the shape that was captured into another MS Paint file, do some minor edits and save it as a tile.  Below are the creations I ended up with.  Feel free to copy and save them for your own use.  Remember that they look best "tiled" on your background screen.  Let me know what you think of them.  Look for updates to this area also!