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The Doors
When I went to Arizona to attend a technical school for Printed Circuit Board Design in 1981, I made friends with 3 guys from Nevada.  Ron and Barry were from Las Vegas, and Wayne was from a town near Sparks, NV.  Ron and Wayne were very artistic.  They would recreate Boris Vallejo artwork with incredible precision, using pencil on vellum.  Ron was my link to the Doors, the next band I got so interested in that I had to buy all of their releases.  Being that this was the early 80's, the only choices were LP or Cassettes.  I bought the entire catalog on both media's.  Luckily for me they didn't have many releases, and Tower Records had them so cheap!  

I really got interested after reading the Jim Morrison biography, "No One Here Gets Out Alive."  That may have been the first book I read completely in my adult life (out of the confines and requirements of school).  I think I went out and bought all of their albums after I read that book.

I know die hard Doors fans might find this "blasphemous," but I liked the movie about the Doors by Oliver Stone.

I also bought and read the two books that Jim Morrison "wrote" posthumously.   I always liked the idea that he faked his death and is still alive today.

These days, I rarely listen to the Doors - but again find it comforting that if I am ever in that special mood to go back in time, that I can.

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