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The Beatles

I came to find the Beatles fairly late in life.  I can remember listening to my sister's '45's like "HELP!" and the b-side  "I'm Down," when I was very young and really liking the music - but I didn't understand the lyrics.  But I do remember getting very clear visual images from their songs, which to me is the mark of a truly great band.  If a group can get me "thinking in pictures," the music really stays with me.  As was evidenced later in my life when I listened to those songs again, and the memories came flooding back.

Anyway, I found the Beatles purely by chance.  One day when I was in Costco, I stumbled upon the bin of Beatles cd's.  They were on sale, so I bought four of them at first - I don't really remember which ones.  When I listened to them, something happened.  I went out and bought the rest of their releases.  Something about this group, I can't really pin point.  

Is it the incredible body of work and shear number of songs they have?  Is it the interesting and marked "phases" in music making they went through?  The somewhat mushy and light pop of Please Please Me, and With the Beatles, to the more thought provoking lyrics of A Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale and HELP! .  And then, you get to the Rubber Soul and Revolver era, which show's how the lad's matured musically and creatively.  Which then lead directly into Sgt. Pepper, some say the greatest rock album of our time.  Which then lead to Magical Mystery Tour and The Beatles (White Album), two albums that signal that the end was near.   Even though there was  turmoil, the band produces and releases the Yellow Submarine (ep) with such under appreciated and overlooked songs like Hey Bulldog, Only a Northern Song, and the very "telling" Harrison song All Too Much.  Then came the last two studio recordings Let it Be and Abbey Road.  Yes, I know they were released in the opposite order, but the tracks for Let it Be were all recorded before Abbey Road, as history and the Anthology (3) shows us (if I am not mistaken).

So there you have it, 13 studio releases from 1963 to 1970 with so many important songs that mirrored the times.  I guess I was way too young to appreciate the music when it was happening, but I certainly do now.  I don't hear any important songs today that I think I can look back years from now and appreciate.  The Beatles have put on record music that is truly timeless.

My interest in the Beatles music has lead me to collect solo music from John, Paul, George and Ringo.  I still have a lot of discs to acquire for them though.  Maybe some day.

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