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Kiss was the first band that I was into in my adolescence.  My room was covered with KISS posters, I had all of their albums (although not anymore).  I even bought my first crappy Les Paul copy guitar because I wanted to play like Ace Frehley.  My three buddies and I dressed up in full make-up and costumes (made by our loving mother's) and went on stage at a high school talent show (during a spaghetti feed - I can still remember the blank stares as they ate).  

I never got to see the band in concert though.  I think we were going to see them during the Dynasty tour (I didn't really like that album - and didn't like the ones that followed, although I bought all of them up through Unmasked), but I think the show got canceled.  I think it had something to do with the fire marshal not allowing the pyrotechnic show, so the band said - no fire, no show.  As fans, we weren't very happy that they canceled the show, as I recall.

I know there was a lot of controversy about them being involved in Satanic cults, that aspect never entered my mind when I listened to them.  So was I just naive?  I never really succumbed to outside influences and peer pressure to do things that were not in my "character."  I  think Kiss had a very simple formula for making music, which appealed to me.  I have always liked bands that I can understand the lyrics, and the music is good.  Kiss were decent musicians for the time, their songs had good melodies and they when they sang you could understand the words they were singing.

I purchased all the CD's listed fairly recently, trying to recapture a little bit of my youth.  I don't listen to them much, but it gives me some weird sense of comfort knowing that I have them.  Recently, I "ripped" (converted cd tracks to MP3) of all my KISS cd's, and now have them on my MP3 player.  I listen to them when I am feeling nostalgic.

I purchased  Psycho Circus because it was supposed to be the big "reunion" release - after the success of the MTV Unplugged set, which included Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.  It isn't all that great, but it rounds out the collection, I think.

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