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Vacation April 2001
These are a few pictures vacation to Disney's California Adventure

The entrance of the Paradise Pier park
A view from across the park, Ferris Wheel and Roller coaster
The Roller Coaster, a very fun ride -- not for the faint of heart
 The Big Bear
 The river ride.....
Going up the first ramp of the river ride
Inside the big Orange
 We had a very nice dinner at this restaurant
Waiting to launch.....
Away! (I didn't go on this one)
Hey, It's Flik -- greeting guests to the show.....
On the Midway
Another view of the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster
The Roller Coaster
We had lunch here one day, not bad food
A big Dino....
Choo!  Choo!
A neat old plane
Night time view, from the hotel window