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My Cross Country Trip - Oregon to Florida - 1998
This is a storm coming in over the horizon near the Northgate Golf Course in Reno, NV.         
This is another shot of the same golf course - note the snow capped hillside.     
A nice shot from the window of my pickup, heading down I-40.
Another driving shot, looks like a nice day.
But a little cloudburst is brewing.  It made for a nice unexpected rain storm that added some excitement to my dull ride.  
One of my few stops along the way for site seeing.  Wish I could have spent more time in Memphis.    
From across the street of the Graceland estate, at the gift shop.  A nice warm day, as I remember.    
The Graceland estate.  I took a nice little tour here.  Real friendly folk in the true southern style.  
Another attraction on the Graceland tour.  Elvis' TCB jet, Lisa Marie.
The final resting place of the King.  A moment of silence please.  

I finally reached Daytona Beach, FL after about 7 days on the road, with only a few sight seeing stops in between.
This is an early morning shot looking North from the hotel room balcony.