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My Family

Here is a picture of the family during happier times, from my Grandma Davis' 101st birthday celebration
- from l to r: Yours truly, Kathy, Jeff, Nancy, and Dad

In this area I will pay tribute to my family through pictures and writings.  

I will be dedicating a special section especially for My Mom, who passed away in 1996 from ovarian cancer.

Here is a picture my Uncle Edward scanned and sent to all us "kids" -
Jeff, me, Kathy, Nancy and our beloved dearly departed poodle dog - Pete.

 03/15/05 - News Update!

I have been receiving a few emails from Prägitzer's in Germany.  I hope to continue to hear from our family across the "big pond," with more information about the family history and genealogy.  If you are in Germany and a Prägitzer, and would like to be included in my web page, please send pictures (jpeg or gif) and information to!  Thanks!

I have many new Prägitzer friends on FaceBook now, and some friend requests pending as well.  Still hoping to get info on their families.

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