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Family Album
I dug up some old photos to scan - here are a few

Memories of Me as a kid:

< LEFT: This is my skate board before and after pictures.  July 24, 1976; I would have been less than a month away from 14 years old and I remember the crash vividly.  I was riding down Bridlewood hill and hit a slab of asphalt that was stuck to the center of the road and I went flying.  Luckily, I landed on my head first, as I usually do.

^ Above: Two-years later, still at Bridlewood, 16th birthday.  On the right is me trying to act like I know how to play the guitar.  I was a big KISS fan back then.

Below: Me with Miscellaneous Family:

Upper Left: (Date unknown) Me and my cousin Anne, looks like Christmas time with the "artificial" flocked tree in the background
Upper Right: (Date unknown) Me and my grandfather (Mom's big idea to take the pic in front of the mirror)
Lower Left: (Date unknown) Me and my Aunt Gloria at another birthday (for which we share the same day)
Lower Right: August 1973, family vacation (sans dad) to Hawaii.  
L-R: Kathy (12) , Me (11) , Nancy (16)  & Jeff (18 - legal drinking age in Hawaii at that time)