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Various Concerts & Shows I have seen

 Eric Johnson - 1987
I was fortunate to see Eric Johnson play live while I was living in Dallas Texas (attending Video Technical Institute).

He was playing at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was my first experience with live blues guitar music.  I wish that I had known about Stevie Ray Vaughan at that time, who knows - maybe I could have seen him play live also.

Another interesting story about the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas.  While attending school, one of my classmates wrangled a gig for us to video tape the band Otis Day and the Knights, most known for their appearance in the movie Animal House.  That was a very fun experience.

 Jeff Healey Band - 1998

I was in Florida only a few weeks when I went to this concert.  I have only one Jeff Healey CD, but to watch this man play live was an incredible experience.  The music was hot!  Jeff's unique playing style was very cool to watch.

  B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Fabulous Thunderbirds and others - Mt. Hood Blues Festival
 (year unknown)

My brother and I attended a very cool blues festival in Mount Hood, Oregon, although I forget the year.

B.B. King headlined the show (played last) and was very cool to watch.  His band was very cool.

Buddy Guy was one of the other big draws there, and was a very hot guitar player.  The thing I remember most was his second guitarist, who burned up the frets in his own right.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds (sans Jimmie Vaughan) also played that day.  The thing I remember most was how incredible Kim Wilson's harmonica/harp playing was.  He blew the harp through one of those "bullet" microphones that was plugged into a Bassman amp or something.  He had a really cool Leslie speaker effect that made it sound like he was playing a Hammond organ.  Very cool.

Other Concerts & Shows:

 Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band ~ 2006-2007 North American Tour - February 17th 2006
A very special event that happened to occur on my best friend's and also my sister Kathy's birthday.  We started the festivities at Big Al's Bowling Alley in Vancouver, WA and then moved the fun to the Rose Garden Arena where we had went all out for the special "sky box" seating.  Had a lot of friends & family there and it was a great time.

Brian Setzer & Stray Cats, Pretenders, & ZZ Top ~ Clark County Amphitheater

Johny Lang ~ Arlene Shnitzer Concert Hall & Oregon Garden
Got to see young Johny twice in two distinctly different settings, and both were very special.

Pat Benetar ~ Oregon Garden
Summer 2008, very good show.  "Spider" knows how to burn up the frets too!

George Thorogood with the great  Buddy Guy ~ Oregon Garden
Buddy Guy opened the show and dazzled the Audience by walking through the crowd while burning up the frets of his signature polkadot Fender Strat.

Was the second time my GF & I saw George Thorogood.  First time was kind of last minute at the Rose Garden to a "reduced" audience venue.  Again, it is very different seeing them at a "smaller" outdoor event.

Evanesence ~ Rose Garden Arena
My GF and I, along with daughter and her friend headed to Portland not telling her (daughter) what we were doing.  When we got into Portland we told her we were going to a "Christmas Bazzar," that was being held nearby.  We went to the Rose Garden "will call" to get the tickets, and someone said "Evanesence tickets for sale!," and Chelsea said "Oh, I wanna go..." but we down played it until I actually got the tickets in hand and told her that's what we were really there for.  We still get a chuckle reminding her of how we had her fooled that entire time.

Brad Paisley & Dierks Bentley ~ Rose Garden Arena; Feb. 27, 2009

Clint Black ~ Spirit Mt Casino; Jul. 25, 2008

Def Leppard & Styx ~ Clark County Amphitheater; Sept. 12, 2007

Ron White (okay Comedy) ~ Arlene Shnitzer Concert Hall; Nov.3, 2006

Def Leppard & Poison ~ Clark County Amphitheater; Sept. 11, 2009

Weird Al Yankovic ~ Oregon State Fair 2008

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